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Antanas Kalnius

Kretinga district municipality

Address Savanoriu str. 29A, LT-97111 Kretinga, Lithuania

Phone +370 445 51442

Email antanas [dot] kalnius [at] kretinga [dot] lt



Dangiras Samalius

Kretinga district municipality

Address Savanoriu str. 29A, LT-97111 Kretinga, Lithuania

Phone +370 445 51332

Email dangiras [dot] samalius [at] kretinga [dot] lt


Kretinga district

The district of Kretinga formed in 1950 covers the area of 991 square km in the north-western region of Lithuania and borders upon districts of Klaipeda, Plunge and Skuodas. From The Baltic Sea it is separated by Palanga- one of the most beautiful Lithuania’s resorts, The Sventoji River separates it from the neighbouring Latvia. The population of the District is 46,1 thousand, with 23 thousand living in Kretinga and Salantai towns.

The western part of the District located in a Maritime Plain, whereas its eastern part lies on the western side of Samogitian Upland. The highest place, reaching 108 m above the sea level is in the north-east, at Zeimiai Village, while the lowest one - just 7 m above the sea - at Palanga town outskirts.

1/3 of the area (35.000 ha) is covered by forests. Farming lands make up over 53.000 ha. Small and medium-size farms prevail in the District.

There flows The Sventoji River along the north-western boundary of the District. On the eastern boundary of the District flows the most beautiful Samogitian River Minija, where aquatic tourists like boating.

Marvellous scenery opens in the valley of Salantas – a tributary of Minija – with a channel of the rivers winding in highly impressive meanders and a landscape nearly untouched by human activities. There is the Salantai Regional Park covering part of the Minija basin.

The Akmena River flowing out of the Vaineikiai forests is called Dane beyond the limits of the Kretinga District. It is perhaps most picturesque at the Gencai and Kurmaiciai dams. Near Darbenai settlement lie the only one natural lake in the District - Kasuciai Lake, but there is even larger artificial lake, covering 108 ha area at Lazdininkai Village.

District subsurface is rich in mineral resources – oil, geothermal water and peat.

Kretinga District is in a convenient transport position. The railway and dense road network in the District makes easier to reach important and visiting cities. By the railway can reach Klaipeda (Lithuanian port) and Vilnius (Lithuanian capital city). By the highways can reach as well as Gargzdai, Klaipeda, Liepaja (Latvia), Palanga, Salantai, Skuodas and Siauliai.

The municipal Council of Kretinga is formed of local community 25 representatives elected in a democratic way according to the other defined by Lithuania’s lows. The Municipal board has divided its area into smaller units - 9 wards.


Kretinga district tourism information

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